Ramadan 2021

Two males holding food aid box
“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you. so that you may learn self-restraint. "
Quran 2:183

We run a number of programs during the holy month, such as providing Food Aid, distributing Zakat (obligatory alms-giving), Sadaqah, Fidyah to the poor and needy, as well as our ongoing Sponsor a Child program.

This year, we are particularly focusing on providing aid and support to those struggling to provide for themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many small and local businesses in Indonesia rely on face-to-face interactions to provide for themselves and their families, social distancing causes them to particularly struggle to make their living. With your help, we can support those in need.


Ramadan Food Aid

Support the most vulnerable and financially impacted families in Indonesia during the month of Ramadan. Your donation will help us provide essential food items to feed a fasting family in Ramadan.

£30 per pack


We distribute both types of Zakat: Zakat ul-Fitr and Zakat ul-Maal to the needy (Mustahik). The obligatory level depends on where you live.


Eid gifts are dreams of children in every culture where Muslims live. This year, why not donate an Eid gift and make this wonderful celebration really special for a vulnerable child?

£10 per pack


Sadaqah refers to voluntary charity, this means you are able to donate as much or as little as you wish for the needy.


Fidyah refers to donations made in Islam when one is unable to fast. The donations are used to provide food for those in need. We believe that they should be fed to the same standard as we feed ourselves.

Sponsor a Child

We believe that every child has the right to education. Your donations will go to children in need of funds in orphanages and foster care.

£25 a Month 

£300 a year

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