The Indonesia earthquake and tsunami is a recent major disaster which took place at the end of September 2018. Three main regions were heavily affected namely Palu, Donggala and Sigi. Data released by the national disaster management (BNPB) in Indonesia has indicated that at least 2,100 people have died, 1,300 are missing and thousands are injured. The disaster left a trail of destruction and in total, more than 223,000 people in these three regions were affected.

How we support them

Human Aid Initiative, with our overseas partner, have distributed 100 food packages, hygiene kits as well as healthcare and general medicine. We have also set up temporary/emergency kitchens at some refugee points providing survivors with drinking water, baby food, and basic beverages. We have made some arrangements to distribute clean water tanks and to build emergency bathrooms which were planned for November 2018.

Our Next Objective for Palu, Donggala and Sigi

Human Aid Initiative pledged to build two emergency schools in the District of Sigi as part of our early recovery stage commitment. The building work should start immediately, once permission from the local authority has been granted. Moreover, our initiatives will have a strong focus on young children who have lost their loved ones and assisting them towards education. The support will include psychosocial aid, school fee payments as well as food and healthcare for each child. Human Aid Initiative would like to continue supporting the Tsunami survivors towards initiatives where aid is most needed.

This campaign was supported by our online donations partner, MuslimGiving.